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independent power producing company

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About Us

Alteny Energy Inc is an Canadian independent power producing company (IPP) that develops hydroelectricity (small to medium scale), waste-to-energy and different innovative bio-energy technologies. We also provide a range of technologies utilizing solar energy consisting of solar PV, solar street lightning, solar pumps used for borehole to provide clean portable water and various other services.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to understand and develop the renewable energy available in our communities to provide a result-oriented approach for all our clients and partners, resulting in long-term sustainability and a competitive cost advantage.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to facilitate the development and growth of renewable energy technologies in the African region, especially for communities that have no access to the electricity grid, thus promoting economic growth and improved standard of living.

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How it Works

Site Identification

Choosing the best possible site for new renewable energy project can have big impact on the overall cost of the energy it produces.

Community Engagement

The community where the power project is to be deployed are fully engaged and data is collected which is used to design a power generation solution.


The generation facilities are installed and connected either to a DISCOs distribution infrastructure or mini-grid network.

Customer Satisfaction

The facilities are commissioned, and the community enjoys a high level of service with operations, maintenance and customer service carried out by a dedicated team.



Waste to Energy or Biomass

Solar Energy

Energy Storage

Rural Electrification